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Thallon is a tiny town of around 70 residents in South West QLD. Years of drought, population decline and business closures threatened to wipe the town off the map.

“The Watering Hole” mural on the Town’s GrainCorp Silos have reinvigorated the town, attracting 1000s of tourists since it was painted in 2017 and giving the community a sense of hope for the future. The Artists Joel Fergie (The Zookeeper) and Travis Vinson (Drapl) based the epic design of photographs taken by locals. Their aim was for the work to reflect the identities of those in the town and also the environment around it. To make the work beautiful, in order to draw travellers to the town, but also to tell a story, and encourage its viewers to become more familiar with the town of Thallon.

“We want the community to look up to the silos as the sun sets each day and be reminded of why they love the land they live in.”

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