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The Ultimate Guide 2023 - With FREE Mini 2023 Silo Art Calendar

The Ultimate Guide 2023 - With FREE Mini 2023 Silo Art Calendar

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Limited time only- Free Mini 2023 Silo Art Calendar included!

The Ultimate Guide celebrates the largest art gallery in the world.

Printed in Australia, the quality souvenir coffee table book showcases high quality photographs detailing the most amazing artwork around the country.
  • 230 pages A4 spiral bound book
  • All 55 Silo Art Locations
  • Over 150 Water tower locations
  • Numerous points of interest
  • Maps and street locations for each listing
  • Categorised into 13 regional trails for easy trip planning
The Ultimate Guide is the accumulation of over 4 years work by Annette and Eric Green to curate the largest Art Trail in the world.
Based on our 13 individual Regional Guides rolled into one A4 spiral bound book.
  • South Australia
  • South Australia - Yorke Peninsula
  • Victoria - North West
  • Victoria - North East
  • Victoria - Lower
  • New South Wales - Upper Region
  • New South Wales - Lower Region
  • Queensland - Central
  • Queensland - North
  • Queensland - Coastal
  • Western Australia - Lower
  • Western Australia - Upper
  • Tasmania

See individual regional guides for more details, and to purchase separately.

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